• Good quality Lens Cover

    Good quality Lens Cover

    Model:MH2032-1 Installation:Ceiling mounted Installation Height:2.5m Detection Distance:4-4.5m Angle:360° Lens Size:diameter44mm

  • Good Sensitivity Lens

    Good Sensitivity Lens

    Model:MH2145-1 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2.5m Detection Distance:11m Angle:100° Lens Size:55.8*37.8mm

  • Good Fresnel Lens Cover

    Good Fresnel Lens Cover

    Model:MH2146-1 Installation:Ceiling mounted Installation Height:2.5m Detection Distance:2-3m Angle:48° Lens Size:23.6*23.6*16.9mm

  • Good Round Fresnel Lens

    Good Round Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH3156 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:1m Detection Distance:9-11m Angle:17° Lens Size:diameter16.8mm

  • Good Sensitivity Fresnel Lens

    Good Sensitivity Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH3047-1 Installation:Ceiling mounted Installation Height:3m Detection Distance:2-3m Angle:93° Lens Size:diameter23.5mm

  • Good Quality Fresnel Lens

    Good Quality Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH8203 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:1.2m Detection Distance:10-12m Angle:134.5° Lens Size:44*56.5mm

  • Fresnel Lens With Flange

    Fresnel Lens With Flange

    Model:MH2156-1 Installation:Ceiling mounted Installation Height:2.5m Detection Distance:1-2m Angle:84.5° Lens Size:diameter 47.7mm

  • High Quality Fresnel Lens

    High Quality Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH3189-1 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:0.5m Detection Distance:4-5m Angle:110° Lens Size:29.6*11.4mm

  • Curtain Fresnel Lens

    Curtain Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH7802-1 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2m Angle:120°-130° Lens Size:63*40mm

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